Continuing our Club Virtual Series into the autumn and winter

Unfortunately we have to abandon our efforts to hold the final two races of 2020 – the AGM 5k and the Xmas 10k. Both would have been held at Simister. However, because of COVID protocols we would not have been able to use the village hall in any practical way. This was the case, even before the latest round of tiered restrictions on activity.

Phil, Irene, Dave, Ian and company in more sociable times. Ta to Linda McDermot.

Therefore we are suggesting that we continue our monthly Club Virtual Series into the autumn and winter. We are proposing to use the distance of 3 kilometres for our endeavours. Our feeling is that doing a solo 5 or 10 kilometres every month might be a stride too far. In addition we would encourage continued involvement in John and Helen’s long-standing weekly 2k series. You might well combine a 2k and 3k effort.

Given that the Club Series thus far has been significant in keeping our collective spirits up I am concerned about members, who have been perhaps excluded by their absence from the Internet. I’ll liaise with Roy and Dave as to whether we can find a way round this dilemma.

Let me say too that we would really pleased if our Scotia friends, together with Ray, Martin, John,Denis, Graham, Mario and Mary, continue to participate.

Given there’s more or less a fortnight left let’s kick things off with an October 3k Virtual event – times to be submitted to Tony by midnight, Tuesday, November 3rd

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping us in touch with one another.

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