Virtual League Racing Series – Race 47 and the second Enfield League

STOP PRESS : Times for the FEBRUARY CLUB VIRTUAL 3K to be submitted by midnight, March 3.

As he circulates these latestVirtual League results John Constandinou is in an optimistic frame of mind. He comments:

The sun is out and things are looking up. Real outdoor racing can begin again on 29th March in England along with being able to travel around the country freely. The virtual league will still be continuing though until everything returns to normal. It was a great race this week, with only one point dividing the top teams. Well done everybody. Keep racing, stay fit, and have fun – see you all again next week! 🙂

John Constandinou

Certainly we are wondering about when we might reawaken being alive together. Watch this space for our thoughts about when we might resuscitate the club calendar.

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 47

1 Lancashire Walking Club (83.11%)

2 Birchfield Harriers (80.07%)
3= South West Veterans AC (74.10%)
3= Manx Harriers (74.10%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (71.61%)
6 Maidenhead AC (70.53%)
7 Steyning AC (60.09%) – USA (57.60%)
8 Surrey Walking Club (50.51%)
9 Leicester Walking Club (45.05%)
10 Sarnia Walking Club (44.03%)
11 Stratford-upon-Avon AC (40.59%)
12 Ilford AC (38.40%)

1 Birchfield Harriers (38)
2 Manx Harriers (39)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (57)
4 Quickstep Fitness (60)
5 South West Veterans AC (67)
6 Maidenhead AC (113)- USA (165)
7 Surrey Walking Club (172)
8 Steyning AC (192)
9 Stratford-upon-Avon AC (218)
10 Leicester Walking Club (220)
11 Sarnia Walking Club (221)
12 Ilford AC (230)

 Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 92.95% Lancs WC 10:48.0

Dave Evans M70 86.42% Lancs WC 11:37.0

Guy Goodair M80 69.97% Lancs WC 16:51.0

Martin Payne M60 67.88% Lancs WC 12:46.0

Tony Bell M55 64.47% Lancs WC 13:11.0

Full results at

Virtual Enfield Race Walking League Fixture 2: Result 5 kilometres – 20th/21st February 2021

  1. Dave Crane Surrey WC M40 24:46
  2. Tony Taylor LWC M70 27:29
  3. Ian Torode SW Vets AC M60 28:15

9.Marco Bernatzki LA Hertens/Germany M50 31:43

14. Tony Bell LWC M55 33:16

18. Glyn Jones Cov Godiva M75 34:06

There were 32 competitors.

In the accompanying 8k won by George Wilkinson Enfield HAC in 38:45 there were 36 competitors.

The next VERWL Fixture will be on 13th/14th March  and to assist those wishing to progress a little further there will be a choice of three distances: 5km, 8km and 10km

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