Sadly the Sarnia stalwart, Mick Elliott has died. Many of the old hands at our club will have raced against Mick in the 1970s. Rob Elliott, his son, an outstanding race walker in his own right, has penned these touching thoughts.

Mick Elliott

It saddens me to report that my dad and race walker Mick Elliott passed away peacefully after a short illness this weekend at the age of 83 years. A race walker at his best in the 1970s he was my training companion, amongst others in my early years. He supported me in my race walking from when I started as an 11 year old. He was also a competitor in my races and then a supporter as I hit my best, feeding me in races and holding me when I needed it at the end of races and always ready with the stopwatch for split times. Rest in Peace, Dad.

Mick Elliott 1937 – 2021

The Elliott surname has long been associated with race walking in Guernsey and the Sarnia Walking Club and I am saddened to report that Mick Elliott, who started it all off in 1969 has passed away peacefully after a short illness in York at the age of 83 years old.

Micks first race was in the 1969 Church to Church walk over 19.4 miles when he finished the course in over 4 hours. He was a late starter to the sport at the age of 32 years when he progressed to Sarnia Walking Club novice events and the Inter Firms 3 miles walk where he finished second.

Within a few years he achieved 7 miles per hour with a 57 minute clocking and reduced his Church time to 3 hours 1 minute when finishing 3rd in 1972. With hard work improvement came quickly and within another two years was Sarnia number one, taking the Club Championship in 1974 and leading the club to victory at the popular Chippenham to Calne 6 miles road walk in 7th place overall in a high quality race. A further two years as Club Champion followed.

Happier at distances up to 20 kilometres and Mick was hard to beat for those years, but came unstuck at anything longer and although able to hold the leader to halfway faltered over the final stages in anything longer, such as the Church and West Show 20 miles walk.

He achieved personal best times of 1 mile 7.00, 2 miles 14.24, 3 miles 22.16, 6 miles 45.26, 7 miles 53.30, 10 miles 76.57, 20 kms 101.10, 19.4 miles Church to Church 2.56.25, 20 miles 3.03.08.

Despite a personal best time of 2.56.25 for the Church Walk he has never won it and had to settle for a best position of 2nd.

In 1976 the Sarnia Walking Club went back to England for the “Garnet” 10 miles walk. The team finished 4th with Mick Elliott finishing third individually in a time of just over 80 minutes.

Racing until his early 50s he walked on and off over the following years, helping out his son Rob and taking up the judging of local walks.

A wonderful family photo of Mick [1] in pursuit of Rob [67] and Mark[3]

Son Rob continues in the sport this present day. Youngest son Mark also raced for many years. His other children Ian and Kate have also raced at times in their younger days as well as some of his grandchildren.

Rob Elliott

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