Virtual League Racing Series – Race 56

As we look forward to racing ‘live’ next Saturday here’s a great picture of the start of a Northern Championship [perhaps 50k?] held at the Leyland Motors HQ in the early 1950s [?]. Looks like it was going to be a warm one.

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 56  

We were a bit down on numbers as I was unable to survive racing in a shroud of Saharan sand and Dave Evans was struggling with an ankle problem. Nevertheless our team still put in a strong collective performance. There are now only four more Virtual Series races before this much needed and admired initiative comes to a close in Week 60! Let’s hope we can finish with a flourish, heads held high in terms of our overall contribution to the Virtual League.

1 Birchfield Harriers (80.08%)
2 Manx Harriers (71.99%)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (71.61%)
4 South West Veterans AC (50.70%)
5 Surrey Walking Club (50.29%)
6 Sarnia Walking Club (45.85%)
7 Quickstep Fitness (68.80%)

1 Birchfield Harriers (21)
2 Manx Harriers (32)
3 Quickstep Fitness (47)
4 Lancashire Walking Club (61)
5 Surrey Walking Club (169)
6 South West Veterans AC (189)
7 Sarnia Walking Club (193)

Our team as follows:

Greg Smith M65 76.05% Lancs WC 12:25.0

Guy Goodair M80 70.11% Lancs WC 16:49.0

Roy Gunnett M70 68.68% Lancs WC 14:37.0

Martin Payne M60 67.51% Lancs WC 12:58.0

Tony Bell M55 64.06% Lancs WC 13:16.0

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