Be Prepared for the Chorley Challenge in the form of the Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy, May 8

We will be back on the roads this coming Saturday with Dave willing us on.

Latest information

Eric Crompton has now confirmed that we will be using the traditional venue at the St Peters Club on Saturday and not the church hall but this will be for the last time. Eric and Louise are going to the club during the week to get things sorted.

All those attending should bring a mask for use in the club. Those intending to compete should come changed ready for the start at 1.30 p.m. On this occasion you should bring your own refreshments. The toilets will be accessible but not the main lounge.

The race will take the form of a yacht handicap with all walkers setting off at intervals, courtesy of the devilish decisions of our inteprid handicapper, Dave Evans.

From afar I will seethe with jealousy but look forward to seeing photos and receiving reports on this long awaited return to ‘live’ competition.



Further to the photo of a race starting from the Leyland Motors HQ we have researched and confirmed it was the 1957 National 50 kilometres championship.


From a Lancashire point of view it is sobering to note that Joe Barraclough, who had been prominent in the above race before falling back to 12th position, competed in four long-distance competitions in less than a month.

June 10 – 2nd to Albert Johnson [Sheffield UH] in the Bradford 50 kilometres in 4:48:05

June 15 – 12th as above

June 22 – 3rd in the Manchester- Blackpool in 8:44:16

July 5th – 4th in the Bath to London 100 miles in 19:51:56

Mind-boggling to a dilettante such as myself!

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