The April ‘Alf Scorer’ Virtual Club 5 Kilometres

In the last few weeks, helped by Dave Evans, I’ve accessed the Alfred Scorer Collection of over 300 photos covering certainly 30 years of race walking from the 1920s. The CD containing the photos had been passed on by Fred Pearce before his untimely death. Alf was a leading member of our club and a prominent national official, being the 1938/39 President of the Race Walking Association. The collection was donated to the RWA National Archive by his grandson, Barry Scorer in May, 2013.

This said I am conscious that I have scant information with regard to Alf’s biography. The images hint at a fascinating career and suggest that Alf was almost always immaculately attired with trilby in hand. Any information will be gratefully received and incorporated into future posts.

A numberless Alf leading a group with a young Jack Tempest [5] to his left at West Didsbury – see the destination of the single-decker bus
Alf is last in line on the left of the sharply dressed British team marching at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I’m presuming he was there in an official capacity, perhaps as a team manager.

The April ‘Alf Scorer’ Virtual Club 5 Kilometres

  1. Tony Taylor 27:22
  2. Ray Robinson 29:30 [G]
  3. Greg Smith 32:08
  4. Dave Evans 32:40
  5. Graham Jackson 32:45 [G]
  6. Tony Bell 32:57
  7. Glyn Jones 34:06 [G]
  8. Joe Hardy 34:21
  9. Pat Evans 34:29
  10. Martin Payne 34:33
  11. Marco Bernatzki 35:06
  12. Grace Gilpin 35:14 [G]
  13. Ian Hilditch 36:02
  14. Roy Gunnett 36:51
  15. Stephen Walker 39:47
  16. John Pouncy 42:33
  17. Andrea Lennon 46:20
An overcoated Alf is centre stage with the besuited great Tommy Green to his right. Over Alf’s left shoulder are the two Smith brothers Dick and Joe while Matt Clarke sports the knotted handkerchief. Number 26 is Jim O’Neill.


  1. Glyn Jones 34:06; 8:45; 25:21 [G]
  2. Greg Smith 32:08; 6:45; 25:23
  3. Tony Bell 32:57; 7:30; 25:27
  4. Dave Evans 32:40; 7:00; 25:40
  5. Graham Jackson 32:45; 7:00; 25:45 [G]
  6. Joe Hardy 34:21; 8:15; 26:06
  7. Pat Evans 34:29; 8:45; 26:16
  8. Ray Robinson 29:30; 3:00; 26:30 [G]
  9. John Pouncy 42:33; 16:00; 26:33
  10. Ian Hilditch 36:02; 9:00; 27:02
  11. Grace Gilpin 35:14; 7:55; 27:19 [G]
  12. Tony Taylor 27:22; 0:00; 27:22
  13. Martin Payne 34:33; 6:25; 28:08
  14. Roy Gunnett 36:51; 8:35; 28:16
  15. Andrea Lennon 46:20; 16:15; 30:05
  16. Marco Bernzatki 35:06; 4:00; 31:06 [G]
  17. Stephen Walker 39:47;8:00; 31:47

Given we are back on the road this coming Saturday the above 5 kilometres challenge marks the end of our Club Virtual Series. By all accounts it has been a helpful initiative, both keeping us in touch with one another and providing a measure of motivation in lonely times. Indeed it is proposed that, alongside the return of ‘live’ racing, we continue to offer a 3 kilometre challenge every month. Thus at the end of each month – as a piece of fun and as an incentive – we would post a list of the 3k times achieved. What do you think?

On a personal note yesterday an authoritarian and corrupt Greek government was pressured finally in allowing us to meet together in the open air in our village taverna. The concensus was enough is enough. This is an area where families risked execution for harbouring Allied troops in the Second World War. These people know what taking risks means. It was agreed the virus of unchecked power, the rule by so-called experts, who set out to worry us silly from the very beginning, is far more frightening than COVID itself. Time to take our lives back. Time to kiss and hug one another. Time to be human, which, of course, means we will care for each other, young and old alike without being ordered to do so by the State.The thing we have to fear most is fear itself.

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