The Goodwin Cup 10 kilometres, August 14, Chorley

Reg Goodwin is in the middle of the picture as Roberts-Downing congratulates Roland Hardy on yet another victory

The race is to go ahead at 1.30 p.m. with our favourite St Peters club still the venue. However the club has now been emptied of furniture so bring a folding chair perhaps or you will be sitting on the stage to tie your shoelaces!

The course will be a shortened version of that used for the Dave Crompton 7 miles race.

It’s coincidental to mention that Keely Hodgkinson, who won Olympics 800 metres silver last week hails from the Leigh Harriers Athletic Club, of which Reg Goodwin, Olympic silver medallist in the 1924 10,000 metres walk, was a leading member. Whilst Holly Bradshaw. bronze medallist in the pole vault, is a Chorley lass. Back in the day Joan Wallwork’s mum and Auntie Dora were famous for shouting their support for our efforts on the road with the call, ‘Up the North’. In this context their exclamation rings down the years. Well done Keely and Holly!

It continues to helpful to let us know in advance of your attendance and in what capacity.

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