Photo taken before the start of a Club race at Flixton, October 24, 1950

Ahead of next week’s Club Annual General Meeting and 5 kilometres Yacht Handicap [1.30 start] at Simister, Dave Evans draws our attention to the following:

  • As has become usual it would be enormously helpful if you could let him know of your attendance and in what capacity. There is a good chance we will have a young up and coming Sheffield prospect competing so it will be especially important to have enough marshalls out on the course.
  • In addition all folk coming to the AGM are asked to do a lateral flow test a day or so before the meeting and to bring masks to the event. Simister Hall is pretty small and he wants to ensure that any risk of contracting the COVID virus is limited.
  • Contact Dave Evans at

AGM papers to follow.

Sadly I won’t make it to the AGM, which is deeply irritating, given I’m the outgoing President. I was really looking to see everyone in the flesh. However, I’ve been under the weather recently and am booked in for an MOT!! Hopefully just a matter of an olive oil change. I’ve changed my flights to December, hoping to be at the Xmas 10 kilometres event.

Best wishes as ever,


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