Bill Jackson Trophy and AGM 5K, November 6

Our Simister Annual General Meeting venue

Dave Evans reports:

Tony Bell leads five other aspirants towards the turn in Heaton Park

Nine sturdy aspirants toed the starting line and headed into a cold strong breeze on the outward 2.5 k leg of the AGM 5k. The handicapper played the usual trick of employing a start of sorts for each wave of walkers but none reflected their real handicap adjustment. The return journey was much more enjoyable I am told but the driving rain both ways was uncomfortable. We had no “guests” on this occasion so the competition was domestic and the final times were pretty good across the board with no one performing “out of character “.

Martin Payne in stylish headgear chased by Phil McCullagh

Winner of the handicap and now thankfully back to good health was Martin Payne whose 31 mins 20 in the race proper was only 23 seconds slower than scratch man Adrian Edwards, the latter strolling in the poor conditions and showing excellent style. Tony Bell appears to be benefiting from coaching at his Yorkshire base producing the second-fastest time of the day with a speedy 31 mins 02. Many thanks to Greg Smith for marshalling at the turnaround point and Pat for the post-race catering.

Pat Evans finishing just in time to sort out the refreshments. Much appreciated!


1. Adrian Edwards 30 mins 57
2. Tony Bell 31 mins 02
3. Martin Payne 31 mins 20
4. Joe Hardy 34 mins 48
5. Sailash Shah 34 mins 55
6. Roy Gunnett 34 mins 58
7. Phil,McCullagh 35 mins 16
8. Pat Evans 35 mins 33
9. Andrea Lennon 42 mins 01

Andrea Lennon clearly glad to make the finish


1. Martin Payne 27 mins 20
2. Tony Bell 27 mins 42
3. Joe Hardy 28 mins 24
4. Phil McCullagh 28 mins 37
5. Sailash Shah 28 mins 42
6. Roy Gunnett 28 mins 44
7. Andrea Lennon 30 mins 01
8. Pat Evans 30 mins 11
9. Adrian Edwards 30 mins 23

Great shot of Phil McCullagh in full stride

Thanks as ever to Greg Smith for the photos. More to follow in the coming weeks.

More news on the AGM to follow.

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