Smartly dressed Sam Morgan might well be on his way to the Club AGM of that year[?].

Ahead of the full minutes of the 2021 AGM Dave Evans draws our attention to the following:

  1. Joe Hardy has accepted the role of President.
  2. Tony Bell won the AJTaylor Award and Martin Payne the Cliif Royle Trophy
  3. Roy Gunnett covered the financial side of the club and said we were in good position with a balance of nearly £2000.  We have decided to up the race fees for our own fixtures from £3 to £4 and this alone should help us to balance the books annually. We had a deficit in this last year but this was largely because we bought the Dave Crompton trophy. We are very lucky with Macclesfield and Chorley costing us precisely nothing to hire their facilities.  The Bury track is subsidised but we still pay out over £100. The Simister hall costs us £30 which is pretty good.
  4. The Centurions 100 will be at Middlesbrough next August (20/21). More details to follow. A copy of the revised fixture list will be circulated in due course.
  5. We are not having the secret Santa next month. given that this is not really something appropriate to us oldies! Pat will be doing pie and peas and if you are vegetarian she will provide more vegetarian pies. Answers on a postcard or more immediately to
  6. There will be a Virtual addition to the fixture list in January 2022. It will form part of the club handicap competition and will be a 5k. More details to follow.
Pat Evans on the chase in grimy weather of this month’s AGM

In conversation with Dave, he revealed that he completely forgot to mention the collection of the annual subscriptions! I presume this might have something to do with Roy’s healthy financial report! Anyway, we need to cough up at the December race.

To many people’s relief, we will not be using the Nightmare course for the Xmas 10 kilometres. More details to follow.

Many thanks to David Lamb for the great photo of Sam Morgan. Sam gave outstanding service to the club and for many years was the organiser of the Moston 10 miles Open race.

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