We are looking forward to a grand turnout for our annual Xmas event at Simister, especially as no one need be deterred by talk of the Nightmare course!! In the spirit of goodwill to all men and women, not least John Crahan, the race will take place on the usual out and back to Heaton Park, starting at 1.30 p.m. Sighs of relief all round.

Over fifty wintry years ago I’m losing touch with the formidable Jake Warhurst [Sheffield UH] and hanging on to a hidden Mick Holmes [YRWC]

As has become usual in these unusual times we are asking you to inform Dave Evans if you are attending and in what capacity – as a competitor, as a spare of hands or merely as a welcome spectator. Most importantly, on the vital issue of the post-race pie and peas, we need you to let Pat know whether you require the vegetarian option. Contact dave.evans08@hotmail.co.uk

Being an adopted Wiganer from Leigh [a very dangerous thing to admit locally] I’ve obviously ordered a couple of pies, However, as things stand, I will not make the start line but will be vociferous on the sideline, exclaiming the usual welcome banalities – ‘looking good’; ‘keep it going’; ‘dig in’ etc……

And, to add that the club annual subscription is due – an absurd snip at only 15 pounds. Details to follow.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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