Lambert Trophy event now at Simister on September 3


There are some changes to our fixtures for the remaining part of the year, including the cancellation of the Bury track race this coming Saturday, September 3rd due to resurfacing of the track. The Lambert Trophy will now be contested at Simister on the same day and will be a 10k race, starting at 1.00 p.m. As is now usual it would be really helpful to let Dave Evans know in attendance if you are attending. It is much appreciated.

Thanks to Ray Colley foe a great picture of Olly Flynn with Joe Lambert timekeeping and Frank O’Neill recording

The October race, originally scheduled to be held at Macclesfield on the first of the month is moving back a week, to allow club walkers to contest a 6-hour race at Chorley on that date. So amend your diary entries to show October 8th, Albert Rigby 10k, at Macclesfield.

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4 Responses to Lambert Trophy event now at Simister on September 3

  1. Greg Smith says:

    A splendid picture! Was it a national championship? (When? Where?) And is that Steve Uttley applauding on the left hand side of the frame?

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    I need to check afresh and add to the photo but I think it is the 1978 GB v West Germany match, which included a Junior 10k featuring Chris Harvey, a 20k won by Olly and a 50k. I lost most of RWR’s so it would be great if the full results can be found, There are more photos. And it is young Steve Uttley!

    • Peter Fawkes says:

      September 17th 1978 Sheffield.

      GB v West Germany.
      1st Olly Flynn 92.26
      2nd C Harvey 93.40
      3rd H Michalski 94.30
      4th A Seddon 95.08
      5th A Schwarz 96.45
      6th W Werner 97.13
      7th S Gower 97.38
      8th W Weidemann 99.29

      1st G Weidner 4 06 11
      2nd H Binder 4 13 09
      3rd B Adams 4 15.22
      4th K Degener 4 17 39
      5th C Maddocks 4 21 06
      6th S Lightman 4 24 09
      7th A James 4 24 32
      8th H Schubert DQ

      10k Junior:
      1st M Miley 47.14
      2nd M Wordsworth 47.15
      3rd I McCombie 48.11
      4th F Helms 48.29
      5th U Jakob 48.56
      6th R Sheppard 49.19
      7th M Lohr 51.48
      8th U Fibelkorn DQ

  3. Tony Taylor says:

    Brilliant, Peter and apologies to Chris, who I had in the wrong race!! And I was there!!

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