Lambert Trophy contested on the road rather than the track

Dave Evans reports and reveals hidden talents as a photographer and caption writer!

Having just recovered from the Centurions 100, another 100 raised its head in the form of 10 walkers completing 10k. The original event for this date was a track race at Bury but a refurbishment of the track meant us cancelling our 1-hour outing and replacing it with a road 10k on our regular course at Simister in the same borough. With a number of absentees, we were wary about having sufficient personnel to police the event but long-time member Chris Bolton appeared and we were A-OK to go ahead. Eric Horwill made the journey from the Midlands to secure our timekeeping team so the journey could begin and competition set underway.

The race field. Martin is having a quiet moment while Pat is telling Joe not to pass her en route and his facial expression suggests he might ignore the challenge. Ta to Dave Evans

Tony Bell and Martin Payne, the latter some 4 weeks after walking 94 miles in the Centurions 24-hour enactment, set the pace followed quite closely by 8 other aspirants, all bar one wearing the club colours. Glyn Jones was attired in those of Coventry Godiva. At halfway Tony and Martin clocked a steady 34 mins 20, neither wanting to throw a glove on the floor and go for broke. In the next two minutes or so most of the rest of the field approached the 5k point, all looking fresh and no doubt considering their next move.

Being an out-and-back course offers all participants the chance to assess their tactics mid-race and as the second half unwound several tentative first-halfers chose to press the go button! As the weather was clement and a bit humid conditions were ideal. As the race neared its end Tony pulled away stretching his lead to 7 seconds and great credit to Martin for producing a very decent time after his long walk four weeks earlier. Phil McCullagh picked up two places in the second half employing his usual second-half improvement but in places rather than times.



  1. Tony Bell. 66:45(34.20)
  2. Martin Payne 66:52(34.20)
  3. Roy Gunnett 72:08(34.51)
  4. Sailash Shah 72:34(35.54)
  5. Glyn Jones 73:08(36.55)
  6. Phil McCullagh 74:07(36.59)
  7. Joe Hardy 74:23(36.56)
  8. Pat Evans 74:26(36.57)
  9. Ian Hilditch 74:26(37.00)
  10. Greg Smith 77:15(37.02)


  1. Roy Gunnett 61:38
  2. Martin Payne 62:22
  3. Pat Evans 62:56
  4. Sailash Shah 63:04
  5. Tony Bell 63:15
  6. Joe Hardy 64:23
  7. Ian Hilditch 65:26
  8. Phil McCullagh 66:07
  9. Glyn Jones 66:23
  10. Greg Smith 66:45

Dave Ainsworth gets in touch with this fascinating tale about Mick Barker from Sheffield, who appeared out of the blue to participate successfully in the BMAF races at Horwich a few years ago. Hopefully Mick is well on the way to recovery.

The previous issue of “Essex Walker” did a write-up on a television programme which featured a Northern Walker (mentioned only as Mick) who was taken to Barnsley Hospital A&E. “Essex Walker” asked if any readers could identify this unfortunate patient? To save you all looking further, he was identified by Sheffield-based Brian Adams. I had, more-or-less, thought along the same lines – but wasn’t sure, hence I asked for him to be properly identified for certain. In any case, I consider myself a bit of a northerner as I resided in Bolton (Sharples Avenue, Astley Bridge) in 1966, the year I took up race walking when my late father was Manager of the Co-op Pharmacy in Bolton Town Centre.


Our previous edition featured this Channel 5 “fly-on-the-wall” programme, filmed at a busy Barnsley Hospital, where into A&E was brought Mick (in Nike racing pumps) – a race walker who’d suffered a heart attack at 16-and-half miles while training. We saw him receive treatment and put on a road to recovery. We added a direct link to Channel 5’s programme “catch-up” service – which is still available for viewing. It’s an hour long, but Mick’s case is fairly early on. We asked if any readers knew this patient’s name and details?

We thank Sheffield-based Olympian and Centurion of Leicester Walking Club fame, Brian Adams, for providing us with the answers – he writes :

Mick,, the octogenarian walker from Barnsley is Mick Barker who won the Sheffield Star Walk in 1964 and joined Sheffield United Harriers. He joined us for a short time in January 2019. In 2018 he won the British Masters M75 10,000m & 5km Champs and finished 4th in the World 5,000m champs…. with a broken Arm!! Walk with Jesus Brian

It is Paul Nhill’s birthday today. He would have been 83 years of age. In remembering this great athlete, see this atmospheric early photo of him competing in wintry conditions. It’s tempting to think it’s one of the famous London Seven Mile races.

Important message from Mark Easton, the RWA Treasurer

Athletes, officials and supporters are encouraged to join the RWA 200 Club, which raises much-needed finance for the Association

It is £12 per number per year payable by standing order on the 1st Oct.

If people need more details they can contact me by Email at

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