January Virtual 5 kilometres Results and More Memories

In the week leading up to Ray Middleton’s funeral, I couldn’t resist posting this moving and delightful photo of Ron and Ray relaxing in the pool the day after the 1966 Commonwealth Games 20 miles race in Jamaica, in which they finished first and second respectively. Wonderful memories indeed.

Thanks to Ron Wallwork

Meanwhile here are the scratch and handicap results from our January 5-kilometres event. Thanks to everyone, who participated in a cold and unwelcoming month. It is especially pleasing to see former GB international, Chris Harvey back on the road after long-term illness.


  1. Tony Bell 32:02
  2. Marco Bernatzki(G) 34:22
  3. Joe Hardy 34:28
  4. Greg Smith 34:55
  5. Martin Payne 35:39
  6. John Crahan 36:11
  7. Dave Evans 36:33
  8. Roy Gunnett 37:05
  9. Steven Wilde 38:08
  10. Andrea Lennon 40:05
  11. Pat Evans 40:14
  12. Phil McCullagh 42:22
  13. Chris Harvey 48:56

Tony Taylor DNF – retired at 3 km injured.


Great to see John back in the frame
  1. John Crahan. 28:41
  2. Greg Smith. 29:15
  3. Steven Wilde 29:21
  4. Marco Bernatzki (G) 29:22
  5. Joe Hardy. 29:28
  6. Tony Bell. 29:32
  7. Andrea Lennon. 29:50
  8. Roy Gunnett. 31:05
  9. Martin Payne. 31:39
  10. Dave Evans. 31:48
  11. Pat Evans. 33:59
  12. Chris Harvey. 35:06
  13. Phil McCullagh. 35:37

Returning to the much-missed Ray Middleton one more engaging photo showing him with Paul Nihill and Don Thompson – a golden period in British race walking.

Thanks to the Paul Nihill Facebook page


Details of the funeral to take place on February 10th can be found at https://www.funeralguide.co.uk/obituaries/107762t

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