Belated New Year Catch-Up and Sam Shoebottom Result

I must apologise for the lack of posts on the site over the past few months. Unfortunately a range of personal issues has been overwhelming. This has been especially frustrating as I’ve got some great stuff in the bank, including a fascinating account of his Manchester-Blackpool exploits from Guy Goodair. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I’ll get a grip on proceedings.

For now find below a couple of race results to keep the site up-to-date.

Sam Shoebottom 10K 4th February 2017 at Simister 

Fred Pearce reports:

‘We had a good turnout of 15 (2 of which did 5k) for the first event of 2017 following the winter break. The weather was kind to us with winter sunshine and a temperature of 10 deg C.
At half way (5k) the first 4 were having a contest going through within 3 seconds of each other ( just under 32mins)…..followed by Peter Crahan 24 sec back….and then another battle of 4 in just over 33mins.
Tony pulled away in the last kilometre to win from Dave with Glyn finishing third 100 m back.
A great day of competition and camaraderie to start the new year’.



Tony Bell leads Martin Fisher in a Winter League race


1 Tony Bell Lancashire WC M50 63.37
2 Dave Crompton Lancashire WC M50 63.51
3 Glyn Jones Coventry Godiva M70 64.27
4 Peter Crahan Lancashire WC M60 65.29
5 John Crahan Lancashire WC M65 66.14
6 Stuart Edgar Dudley & Stourbridge M45 66.15
7 Joe Hardy Lancashire WC M70 66.47
8 Pat Evans Lady Lancashire WC M65 66.59
9 Greg Smith Lancashire WC M60 67.38
10 Phil McCullough Lancashire WC M55 69.13
11 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC M50 70.20
12 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancashire WC W75 78.06
13 John Payn Lancashire WC M80 78.55

1 Irene Pike Lady Lancashire WC W65 33.22
2 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC M75 37.22



Great credit is due to Dave Crompton for his steadfast support of the Winter League races. just a point away from being joint first overall.

Dave Crompton

Dave Crompton [minus festive hat] leads Denis and Russ Jackson at Kirkby Fleetham.

 1. W.McFADDEN SCOTIA WC 57.36  2. C. SCOTT YRWC 62.28  3. G. JACKSON YORK CIU 63.16  4. A. THACKER YRWC 63.51  5. D.CROMPTON LANCS 64.53  6. D. JACKSON YORK CIU 65.08  7. A. ELLIS (F) SCOTIA WC 65.26  8. R. JACKSON YRWC 65.51  9. M. COLE UNATT. 68.37  10. M. BYRNE REDCAR WC 70.57  11. D. COLE REDCAR WC 74.19  12. G. McCONNELL SCOTIA WC 80.05  13. K. FRENCH YRWC 83.35

1. C. Scott 107 Pts 2. D Jones 107 Pts 3. D Crompton 106 pts

1. YRWC 305 Pts C. Scott 107, A. Thacker 100, K. French 98
2. REDCAR WC 259 Pts D.Jones 107, L Holmes 78, M Byrne 74

Individual gaining no other prize; R Jackson YRWC

A total of 19 walkers competed throughout the series, one less than last year. We need some new blood, of the sort who know that real life exists outside the confines of their mobile screens. Oh well, the organiser is off to Oz now, for some warm weather training.

Alan Brooks



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